Cost of attending weddings soars 75% – MarketWatch

A beautiful wedding invitation sets the tone for your Chicago wedding event. There are thousands of examples of great designs and beautiful papers to choose from. Make sure you do a bit of research and select a wedding invitation that is both beautiful and reflects the importance of the occasion.

MarketWatch Cost of attending weddings soars 75%MarketWatchGuests have yet another reason to tick the “I will not attend” box on gold-embossed wedding invitations as the cost of attending continues to soar, new research finds. But the bride and groom are also spending more on guests in an effort to avoid a sea …The Cost Of Attending Weddings Is Going Up So I’m Going To Need A Slice Of …The Consumeristall 11 news articles »…Cost of attending weddings soars 75% – MarketWatch

For more information on the latest wedding invitation trends, please find these useful resources. Don’t leave your wedding invitation up to chance, stay informed.

{Latest wedding invitation trends|Useful posts to guide your research|These are some of the resources I consulted|Take some time and study these useful posts|Find more to guide your research into wedding invitations|Keep up with the latest tips and sugges


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