Today Is 11/12/13: Go Get Married, Or Something – Refinery29

Selecting your Chicago wedding invitation can be quite challenging. You want to make sure that the wedding invitation is fashionable yet tasteful. Furthermore, it should reflect your personality and color theme for the wedding.

Refinery29 Today Is 11/12/13: Go Get Married, Or SomethingRefinery29Whether it’s because it looks cute on an invitation or you’ll never forget the date you tied the knot, David’s Bridal estimates that more than 3,300 are getting married this very day. Considering it’s Tuesday, we have to believe that the s…Today Is 11/12/13: Go Get Married, Or Something – Refinery29

Designing a great wedding invitation takes research and patience. It is probably one of the most important tasks in organizing your Chicago wedding. Hopefully, some of the resources found below may prove to be helpful.

{Latest wedding invitation trends|Useful posts to guide your research|These are some of the resources I consulted|Take some time and study these useful posts|Find more to guide your research into wedding invitations|Keep up with the latest tips and sugges


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