Bartered bliss: Crafting a bargain wedding – Chicago Tribune

Wedding invitation designs and printing styles are changing all the time. It is easy to be seduced by something that is simply “cute” but a well-crafted wedding invitation should stand the test of time. Before selecting your Chicago wedding invitation, it is a wise to consult with others on the various design and paper options available. Found below is some useful information that may help you select the appropriate invitation for your Chicago wedding.

Bartered bliss: Crafting a bargain weddingChicago TribuneBarters covered the costs of the photographer, videographer, wedding invitations and her hair and makeup stylist, to name a few. When Saya, 35, and Pete, 34, married Sept. 1, there was no wedding cake, no wedding party and no head table at the reception….Bartered bliss: Crafting a bargain wedding – Chicago Tribune

For more information on the latest wedding invitation trends, please find these useful resources. Don’t leave your wedding invitation up to chance, stay informed.

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