WEDDINGS: Follow thank-you note etiquette – The Rome Observer

Choose a wedding invitation that is compatible with your Chicago wedding theme. There are many designs and styles to choose from, but I have found that most bridal couples know what will work for their particular wedding. Whether you are searching online or with an experienced stationer in your neighborhood, a little research helps.

WEDDINGS: Follow thank-you note etiquetteThe Rome ObserverContrary to popular belief, couples do not have a year’s grace period to mail out thank-you notes after the gift has been received or the wedding has taken place. According to the etiquette experts at The Emily Post Institute, all thank-you cards …Wedding etiquette 2013Pensacola News Journalall 2 news articles »…WEDDINGS: Follow thank-you note etiquette – The Rome Observer

Keeping abreast of the latest wedding trends can be time-consuming. Found below are some useful resources that I tend to follow when trying to advise bridal couples on how to create their own unique wedding invitation.

{Latest wedding invitation trends|Useful posts to guide your research|These are some of the resources I consulted|Take some time and study these useful posts|Find more to guide your research into wedding invitations|Keep up with the latest tips and sugges


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